3 Tips for Staging

Recently I was asked to do the props for a movie written and directed by Mazer Media for Gardener Village. Even though it was my first time on set, I felt right at home staging everything. And because I love, love LOVE you all so much, I wanted to share my top 3 staging tips. (This not only works on movie sets, but in any space.)

Less is more
I’m SO glad I was given lots of creative liberty on this project. The original script had lots of options for the picnic scene: A vintage camera, plates of chocolates, tea set, old typewriter, a record player, two suitcases, a board game, book of poetry, bikes, baskets and quilts. While all of those things are adorable, it was simply too much. I didn’t want the couple to look lost among all of the stuff. I chose to only use the props that supported the story line and seemed more realistic overall.

Make it look good from every angle
Because this scene was going to be viewed from so many angles, I wanted to make sure that there was a good balance from any one of them. The position of the bikes, each faux apple, the off-set suitcases and the placement of the quilts were all determined after looking at the scene from different angles.

Make it inviting
I wanted the set to look so inviting that anyone looking at the space could totally picture themselves in it (or at least believe that this was totally doable.) The key? Be okay with open space, image how busy it would’ve looked had I used every prop listed above. By staging in an inviting way, it made it really easy to place the actors pretty much anywhere.

It was a blast to work with everyone and I am so proud to share this video with all of you. Please like it, share it and comment!!!

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