DIY Paint Stick Nativity Stable

Why is it that new project inspiration hits when I’m running around like a decapitated chicken and always the day before a big event. So there I was cleaning and decorating, (for the neighborhood cookie exchange) and as I was dusting my Willow Tree Nativity this idea (followed by a brief conversation) popped into my head. 

“Hey, I should make a stable for the nativity out of those paint sticks from Home Depot!” 
“No! Those paintsticks are for another project.”  
“I can always get more paint sticks…” 
“Fine you win.”

For this project you’ll need:

  • 6 Large paint sticks
  • 12 Small paint sticks
  • Wood stain
  • An old rag
  • Plastic gloves

With gloved hands, stain both sides of of all the paint sticks. I didn’t stain both sides of the bottom ones because they wouldn’t be seen. I also alternated the direction of each of the paint sticks on the bottom to make it look more uniform.

 Once all were stained and dried, I used two smaller sticks to hold together all of the bottom pieces. Measure and mark where you want them, then cut it with a saw or score and break them. Save the trimmed pieces because these will be used later to make the roof.

Use a small amount of wood glue on the bottom to support the base of the stable. Then using a clamp on each end, hold it into place until it dries.

Do the same with the side walls, glue three together and clamp until dry. I added a small rectangle block to my base pieces for extra stability and to hold more glue. 

For the roof I glued and clamped the two trimmed pieces. Once they were dry, I raised it up on two tea lights. After adding a little bit of glue, I gently balanced four paint sticks on top of it, no clamps.

After everything was dry, I used wood glue to stand the side walls up. While those dried I hot glued some wood pieces to support the top arch of the roof. Once it was all dry I hot glued the roof to the side walls. 

This project was easy and free, as I had everything on hand. I would love to see how yours turn out after you finish!!

XO, Chelsey

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