More Than A Christmas Tree

You guys, Christmas time is finally here! Well, technically its been Christmas time at my house since November 10th, only because its only my FAVORITE time of year. The way I see it, if I were to start decorating in December I’d only be able to enjoy Christmas decorations for one month, and I’m so sorry, but one month isn’t long enough for Christmas! I start playing Christmas music the day after halloween and decorate as soon after as humanly possible.  Now, I know some of you are probabally rolling your eyes thinking, like who decorates before Thanksgiving?! And then there are two of you out there that are like: Chelsey, we’re totes soulmates!! This one is for you soulmates…

But before I go any further, I want each of you to know that I am so grateful for the life and example of Jesus Christ,  he is the true meaning of Christmas. My testimony of the love that Jesus Christ has for each one of us as individuals, has been with me for a long time. Even during the darkest and loneliest times in my life I never felt forsaken or abandon. I know that my Savior loves me, I have overcome things I didn’t think were possible and I continue to see His hand in my life everyday and you can too! For more on what I believe go here.

My favorite thing about decorating for christmas is how easily you can switch it up every year and make it look completely different. I usually decide on my theme for the upcoming year around February. That way if I’m out and about shopping, I can find the perfect things all year and slowly build up a pile to use at the end. This year I went with a silver and gold theme, aka  a Yukon Cornelius  Christmas.


In all seriousness, the symbolism of Christmas is very real for me. While some might thing that my display is too ornate or too much,  it is 100% my way of showing my love for this special time of year. These are a few pictures taken during the day so you can see it all in natural lighting.

Despite all of the stress and comercialism that comes during the holidays, my hope that each of you is able to draw nearer to the true meaning of Christmas this year!
XO, Chelsey


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