The Barn Door

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.12.58 PMI’m not really sure how this post slipped through the cracks, but I HAVE A BARN DOOR!! You know how some attached bathrooms are just open to the master? Our master bath and closet are that way. It is really annoying to get ready for bed, while the person in bed is asking you “turn off the light!”  Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.11.58 PMThe short version of the story is my husband made this for me for Christmas. The longer story is that while I was in Idaho with his family, he stayed behind to get the rest of his work week in. On christmas day I opened a letter with a coupon “good for a barn door.” The funny part was the picture on the coupon was the finished door already hanging in our room. What a sweetie, right?!Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.11.39 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.12.30 PMDo you have the bad habit of dumping your jewelry on your nightstand? RUN to Target and grab this adorable tree jewelry organizer, it has been so nice. And it looks like I meant to store it on the night stand, not in the pile form.Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.12.50 PMSadly, because this project was a total surprise I don’t have a tutorial to go with it. But I do have the link to where you can buy the hardware and I will do a tutorial on installing the handle, for those of you that want to see me wielding power tools. Now, my bedtime routine doesn’t interfere with my husbands sleeping. So if you really think about it, this barn door improved our marriage. Maybe one could improve yours? TeeHee 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.13.32 PMSo, random question for you guys. How often would you like to see blog posts: daily, weekly or bi-weekly? What are your favorite things I blog about?

Xo, Chelsey

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