Tiny Blessings

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Oh. My. Gosh. Are you ready to die from a cuteness overload?  So, as everyone knows I’m OBSESSED with gold right now, and nothing is sweeter than teeny tiny gold things, NOTHING! Naturally, I was elated when the opportunity  to work with Tiny Blessings presented itself and even more so to have my beautiful daughter model jewelry for their store. My baby’s all grown up (sniffle, sniffle.)

This gorgeous 14K gold children’s bracelet is made with large rose water opal Swarovski® crystals capped with flowery gold ends creates an opulent but soft and heavenly look perfect for your little angel. Stunning!heavens-light-14k-gold-child-bracelet_2Plus this week they are giving all of you an extra 15% off your total purchase! Just use Coupon Code: H2H15 at checkout. Tiny Blessing is also a local company based right here in Utah! #SupportLocalBusinessScreen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.31.54 AMP.S. This photo shoot had been in the works for over a year. The first time we got the baby all dressed and ready to shoot but she wasn’t having any of it, tantrums and tears before we even started. Take two was a no-go because she was super sick and got the nickname “lamb legs” for having perma-runny nose syndrome (anyone with kids knows all about it.) And you’re welcome for that lovely visual. The third time was the charm and we were able to get these images in the first and only five minutes mind you, because little miss was willing to cooperate in exchange for chocolate aka “chalk-yet”. Once that was all gone she was done, over it, finito! Honestly, there are certain aspects of toddler life that really seem desirable: Saying exactly what you think or just screaming no over and over, being able to cry whenever you want and dramatically falling down when convenient… its basically celebrity status.

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 Pink Ruffle Dress – Janie and Jack

Bracelet – Tiny Blessings

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