Home Tour: Master Bedroom

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I was hoping that my master bedroom would be the easiest room to decorate in our new house. My plan was perfect, all the furniture was from our last house (see it here) so it was pretty much ready to go. The only problem was the white furniture on all white walls. I was nervous that it would be too much white, like a heavenly beam of whiteness would blow you away when you opened the door, or you’d bump into the furniture every time you walked in in because it would be so blizzard white it would be hard to distinguish the walls from the furniture. Obviously we couldn’t have any of that, so we decided to paint the walls a light gray. It was time consuming but totally worth it in the end.

Last year my husband built a sliding barn door to separate the bedroom from the bathroom and its honestly my favorite part of our room now. Check out the barn door here. I’d seriously recommend putting in a barn door if you have a connected master bed/bath and you’d like to be able to separate those areas. BEST. THING. EVER!

I’m pretty happy with how this room came together. Now if I could just keep the bed made everyday this room would look like this all the time.

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