How To Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

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One of my favorite things ever is opening a cupboard or drawer and seeing everything inside nice and neat. In the past I really struggled keeping drawers organized, then I vowed never to have a “junk drawer” again. Here are my top five tips for keeping your drawers organized. 

Step one: Use systems
When I say “systems “I just mean that there is a method to the madness. A system allows everyone using the space a way to keep it nice and neat, which is the key to winning in organization. Not having a system equals chaos, which usually equals disorganization, which can lead to five hour cleaning binges

Step two: Use tools 

Tools and systems go hand-in-hand. A good example of an organizational tool would be a silverware organizer. It helps separate forks, spoons and knives and when followed correctly those things should always be sorted and organized.

Step three: Use the vertical and horizontal space

Sometimes I hear things like “I can’t be organized because I don’t have a big enough (fill in the blank: kitchen, closet, bathroom, etc.) Remember, vertical and horizontal space is your best friend. I have even purchased certain brands of wax paper, tinfoil and baggies specifically for their size box, to make it fit in my drawers. If you still don’t have enough space, you may evaluate and see if you have too much stuff that you’re not using. Things that you use for special occasions or for the holidays probably don’t need to be stored in prime real estate areas that are used daily. Try moving those things to a tub in the garage, or in the basement.

Step four: Get Creative
When I couldn’t find a way to organize wooden spoons, spatulas and wire whisks I decided to create my own organizer modeled after a silverware organizer. I found long plastic bins, and they lined up inside just right! Also, another tip for drawer organizers is to use a little bit of museum putty on the bottom corners. This prevents the organizer from sliding around when you open the drawer, keeping all of your utensils and tools right in place.

Step five: Make it work for you                  

Not every system or tool is going to work for you, so keep that in mind when shopping around. Go to the store with the measurements of your drawer so you can get something that will fit the height, length and depth for what you need. Happy organizing!

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