Green Blouse, Black Pencil Skirt & White Peacoat


 IMG_2175.JPGAs nice as it is to go shopping to buy all new clothes, I think it’s just as nice to find your “skinny” clothes in the back of your closet and mix-and-matc them for afresh new look. Not only are these clothes from a time I was smaller, they’re actually a bit baggy! which is the best kind of problem, if you ask me.

Okay, if you didn’t see on my Facebook page, I was on the local Fox channel last month sharing my Thanksgiving tips and tablescape ideas, (watch it here) and this is the outfit I wore. How do you like it?  For the segment, I wanted to wear something festive but not overly Christmasy. How do you like it, is it better on TV vs. the photos?


White Peacoat from 

Photography by: DianaPutnam


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