Loving Yourself//Mommy and Me//Horizontal Stripes

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Remember this cute family photo? It was used for our Christmas cards last year, but the outfit idea come together when I found these matching mommy and me outfits at Target. And yes, we were freezing our bums off in every one of these photos.Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.38.28 PM
Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.38.59 PMWhile some would say that horizontal stripes make you look bigger than you are, I say you’ve got to love yourself at every size (and in any pattern you like). Now, I’m totally writing this post as a reminder to myself, that there will be times in your life, things that you do or say, things you didn’t do that you wished and you would’ve and you may find yourself struggling to love yourself in those moments. 

Here’s the thing about love. True love is accepting someone fully, right where they’re at. Example: have you ever loved a child? They’re messy, stinky, clumsy, and sometimes they’re little emotional rollercoasters. But if you’ve ever loved one, none of that matters. You’re so happy for their successes and you’re a shoulder to cry on when they fall down. And not only that, you care so much. Have you loved this truely before?

Now that hard part, loving yourself that much. This is not to be confused with being in love with yourself, but a very healthy acceptance that you support and love you no matter what. 

Think back to your most embarrassing moment. Does it still haunt you?? If you answered yes, than this is the perfect moment to forgive yourself, laugh it off and move past it. Instead of fixating on what you didn’t do or say, resolve to analyze the situation, make a mental not of what you’d do differently next time, forgive yourself and move on. As you work on this regularly, you’ll get so good at loving, accepting your imperfections and loving yourself so much that you won’t have embarrassing moments to remember (or haunt you).

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