Wine Midi Skirt with Black Peplum Top

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Happy Friday beautiful people! I am so proud to share this cute number with all of you, to end this week on a fashion note! I used to feel bad about not fitting-in when I got all dressed up, and being the only kid in high school who wore a skirt to school… I just like to look fancy, I always have and probably always will. Now I’m embracing the fancy, classy, timeless look that I naturally gravitate towards, its just me. I know its not realistic for everyday (you guys know I can rock activewear for days…). But it is nice to own just being me.

I hope this weekend you choose something you want to wear, do, try or be simply because you choose to. Remember, leaders go first!

| Wine Midi Skirt (Similar) | Black Peplum Top | Statement Necklace (Similar) | Handbag | Black Velvet Heels |Photography Diana Putnam |

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