Baby Blessing//Christening Party Details

This post was sponsored by, all opinions are 100% my own. #Christening #ChristeningDay #TinyBlessingsScreen Shot 2016-03-04 at 11.33.45 PMYesterday we took a look at the baby blessing/Christening party I did for Tiny Blessings Jewelry and today I wanted to go into a little more detail about some of my favorite elements.

The Cake

There is something so beautiful about having a tiered cake as the focal point of your tablescape. I wanted this cake to be simple and delicate, it’s covered in fondant and I used beautiful white lace as the border with pearl pins to accentuate it. I alternated the pink and white flowers along the side and added a simple cross to the top to tie in the theme.Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 11.32.43 PM

Topiary Cupcakes

These simple to make cupcakes, are just vanilla cupcakes and frosting with a cluster of baby hydrangeas (found in the floral section at Hobby Lobby) on top to make it look like little round topiaries. I absolutely love how they turned out.Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 11.32.28 PM

Candy Bar

I wanted this candy bar to be heavenly and elegant. I used white so all of the treats matched, which included: powdered donuts, white gumballs, sixlettes and white chocolate dipped cookies. Behind the white crate, I had little baggies for guests to take some treats home.Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 11.32.12 PM

The Layout

Initially I had the cake in the middle of the table and the birdcages off to the right. Danyalle suggested switching a few things around and she was so right! I’m so happy that we made that tweak because it looks absolutely stunning and it really allows the cross and cake to shine independently without competing with each other. Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 11.34.03 PM

The Floral Cross

This elegant floral cross was made from styrofoam, and I covered it with large fake flowers. I tried to make colors as random as possible, I just started putting flowers in and only jad to tweak a couple.Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 11.33.33 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 11.33.03 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 11.34.30 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 2.21.38 PM

Her gorgeous silver bracelet is from TinyBlessings who specialize in high-quality, hand-crafted jewelry. It would be the perfect gift for your baby to wear on their Baptism or Christening day. They have so many colors, styles and designs to choose from, I also love this customized name bracelet pictured below, which could make your gift more personalized. Because all of their jewelry is handmade, you can add or remove whichever charms you want and make the bracelet fit your specific needs. Another thing to keep in mind, the bracelets can grow with your child and can conveniently be sent back to be cleaned and resized at any time! I LOVE the idea of having a keepsake that could grow with your child!

722 base, white pearls

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Did you have a big party when you Blessed/Christened your baby? What is your favorite thing about this Christening party?

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