I Am Worthy Now//Black on Black Fashion

DK0A0969 DK0A0973Worth.

All growing up (an until very recently) I let other people define and tell me what mine was, and sadly I believed a lot of them. My confidence in myself and overall worth as a person was an emotional roller coater. Did people like me? Was I fun enough? Smart enough? Talented enough? Pretty enough? Skinny enough? It’s actually really hard to live like that, just as hard as it sounds. The list went on and on and it actually took me  finding an amazing therapist and mentor for me to realize that relying on the validation of others was always going to have highs and lows. If I truly wanted stability and true confidence, I was going to have to be okay with me. Not me in the future, or the me who does great things in the future. Me right now. Happiness is a state of mind, not a destination and I am the only person who can give me that.

Sometimes you discover things about yourself and you realize that you were the one all along who was capable of giving yourself what you always wanted and needed. I still struggle with this, but I wanted a little reminder that I am enough. I am worthy. I was able to design a custom 14K gold heart charm with the word “worthy” engraved on it. I LOVE this little reminder that I deserve to be happy and I’m worthy all of my goals, hard work and dreams.


| Necklace | Black Top | Lipstick |Black Pants | Handbag | Cheetah Flats (similar)|
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