Soft Pink Blouse//Black Leggings//Nude Heels

DK0A1095 DK0A1076As a busy mama and business owner, I LOVE having outfit options that are comfortable yet still appropriate to wear as business attire. This nude/pink blouse is so classy and I love the gold zippers and buttons. These black leggings are so comfortable and that front seam makes them look like a million bucks and less like leggings. The whole outfit is pulled together by the handbag, gorgeous gold earrings and heart charm necklace.

I chose to engrave the word “Worthy” on this necklace to remind myself that I am worth it. I’m worth loving fully and completely. I’m worth taking care of myself, by eating right and taking care of my body. I’m worth my wildest dreams coming true, no matter how ridiculously unattainable they seem or how often they change. I’m worth it and so are you! But if you don’t take care of yourself and love yourself, no one will ever be able to fully love or care for you either.

What is a dream that scares you, somewhere you’ve dreamed of going or something you’ve always dreamt of doing? Comment below, I want to hear about you!

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| Pink Calvin Klein Blouse | Earrings | Charm Necklace | Black Leggings | Nude Heels | Handbag | Diana Putnam Photography |



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