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When I was younger, I was obsessed with inexpensive and costume jewelry. My theory was this: if something was ever broken, lost or stolen, I didn’t have to sweat losing something because it was already inexpensive. It was okay while it lasted, but most of that jewelry fell apart well before it was ever lost, and shockingly no one ever stole any. Real shocker there. Truth be told, I’ll still buy less expensive jewelry when it comes to certain jewelry trends, but I have learned that investing in real, quality jewelry is totally worth it. Real, quality jewelry won’t change colors and are an excellent way to prevent jewelry irritation that is super common with cheap jewelry. Who knew?

My first real piece of jewelry was given to me as a “push present” after I had my daughter Jade, it was a sterling silver toggle necklace with a heart charm that I had engraved with her name on the front and her date of birth on the back. I LOVE that necklace so much because it was the first piece of jewelry I bought to honor the very special responsibly of becoming a mother. But I also set the intention that when my daughter was old enough, I’d be able to pass that piece on to my daughter and hopefully she’ll pass it on to her daughter. But until she’s old enough to inherit pieces from my jewelry collection, I have her wearing her own pieces from TinyBlessings, who specialize in high quality children and women’s jewelry. Can you believe that the same little bracelet she received as a newborn, has been resized for her to wear at her current wrist size? Genius! And because everything is made with the best materials, you can trust that they’ll stand the test of time and become a true keepsake.With Mothers Day right around the corner, I knew I wanted to add another “Jade” engraved piece to my jewelry collection. I picked out this Single Strand Stirling Silver Bracelet and had “Jade” engraved on the heart charm. I think Miss Jade had just as much fun as I did opening the jewelry boxes for the first time. I love it’s simple elegance that could be either worn dressy or even dressed down with jeans and a cute top to run errands. Miss Jade is wearing a Gold Heart Charm Bracelet (swoon) paired with a Stirling Silver Bangle Bracelet that she couldn’t get enough of. If you look closely at the top image, you’ll see that she’s wearing the most adorable Silver Ring. It actually fit her finger perfectly but at three years old she’s just a little young to keep it on. I may or may not have had to scavenge it out from it falling underneath the deck… Okay, it totally fell through the deck because she kept playing with it, but it’s still dang cute.
Of few of my favorite pieces include the layered (and engraveable) Charm Necklaces, the REAL Pearl, Silver and Gold Earrings. That is the only jewelry I wore to a charity gala recently, and they were perfect.

There are SO many gorgeous pieces to choose from, make sure to head over to to find your perfect Mothers Day gift for yourself, your mom, grandma or even you’re little daughter. After all, you’re children are the reason you’re celebrating. Use promo code: H2HMOTHERSDAY to save 15% off your purchase at
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