How To Be A Better Hostess – Black & White Floral Party

How To Be A Better Hostess

Parties are one of my favorite things in the entire world, I love creating a beautiful space for people to gather and feel happy. Everything about hosting parties, from the theme, decor and the menu makes me so happy. I love pouring my heart into and creating something beautiful just for the sake of celebrating. In my opinion, there is nothing better than celebrating life’s events beautifully with the people you love the most. I can take literally take any and every reason.

As fun as parties can be, hosting parties can also be very overwhelming. Join my Free Facebook Community to learn how you can make money as an event planner (without a college degree).

So here are my five best tips to become the ideal hostess no matter the size of the party:

1. Set Your Intention

Make sure to start by setting your overall intention for the event. What is the purpose of the event? How do you want the event to go? How do you want your guests to feel during and after the event? What is the end goal/result you’d like to accomplish? Whenever I host an event, my main goal is to create a safe place for others to come, relax and feel happy. Forget about the laundry, to-do lists, work, and carpool! I love giving my friends a place to kick back, enjoy beautiful surroundings, eat amazing food and make new friends. If every guest left one of my events feeling more loved and special, or just had a small moment to feel taken care of, I would have accomplished all of my goals.

2. Tidy Up

A clean space is an inviting space. If hosting the party at your home, make sure to pick up, remove extra clutter and get toys out of sight. Making sure the light fixtures are dusted, the bathrooms are clean, kitchen counters aren’t sticky and the floors are swept and vacuumed will help your guests feel more comfortable. For this event I did in my backyard, we spent a few hours pulling weeds from the lawn, removing all of the weeds, bikes, trash, pool toys, and lawn games out from underneath the deck (it was so bad under there!). But once it was all done it looked really clean and intentional.

3. Stock Up

Make sure to have the fridge and cupboards stocked with extras of the foods you’re serving, have extra plates, napkins, silverware, and make sure the bathrooms are stocked with extra hand towels and toilet paper. This will ensure that guests are taken care of during the event, and it makes it easier for you as it minimizes how often you’ll need to stop what you’re doing to go and refill things as often during the party.

4. Use a Checklist, Be on Time

The organization is key for pulling off an event (especially the large ones) without forgetting things. It seems like EVERY TIME I don’t use a list, I’ll find that I completely forget to pull out many of things I was planning to use. The checklist can help make sure you’ve got it all out and it is ready to go. You can make your list as basic or complex as you’d like, but it’s mostly a tool to help keep you on task.

Make sure to be on time or even ahead of schedule and use your list to help determine how long things will take to prepare and when you want to start setting things out. If you plan to do everything yourself, make sure to allow extra time by making as many things in advance. If you need help with food, ask a friend or hire it out. Make sure to leave time for yourself to get ready or to have your hair or makeup done. In those cases when you aren’t on time (me almost every time), let your guests help you pull it together if they ask how they can help you. Or, ask a few close friends to come early to help you set up.

5. Show Your Guests a Good Time

Part of being a good hostess is making sure your guests are enjoying themselves. Welcome your guests when they arrive and make sure to show them around. Having a sign on the doors like “bathroom” can help answer “where is the…” type questions too. If you see someone sitting alone, make an introduction. If someone isn’t eating, offer a plate and invite them to enjoy some food. Have fun activities for the guests to do while they’re at your party. For this event, it was a blogger and brand meet up. I had Pro-Dos blow dry bus doing hair, DexaBody offering body composition scans, was sharing her baby jewelry, Posh Locks was there with her hair extensions, Trilogy Medical Centers offered Hydrafacials for each of the guests, Redmond Farms helped with the food, IKEA helped with the decor, Flowers on Main did all of the fresh flowers and of course my amazing photographer Diana Putnam and Videographer Mazer Media.

6. Leave a Lasting Impression

If you’re able to leave each guest with a favor or a way to remember the party after they leave, I say go for it. It can be as simple or elaborate as you want just make sure you put your heart into it. Luckily I didn’t have to worry about that for this event, the sponsors went above and beyond to give each guest an unforgettable experience or something to take home with them.

This event was so much fun, I’m so glad I have the opportunity to work with such great companies and to be able to do things like this.

This event was one of my favorites to date, and I am SO grateful to all of the businesses who partnered with me to make it the perfect end of summer soiree. Make sure to check them out and follow them on social media! Don’t forget to join my Free Facebook Community!

Photographer: Diana Putnam Photography
VideographerMazer Media
Prodo Mobile Blow Dry Bar
Dexa Body
Trilogy Medical Center
Redmond Heritage Farm Store
Flowers On Main

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2 thoughts on “How To Be A Better Hostess – Black & White Floral Party”

  1. I love your ideas! Im in charge of planning parent teacher conference meals for my kids elementary school coming up. I’ve already planned the menus and have a sign up sheet for people to help out, but I’m trying to figure out how to decorate the teachers lounge. Any ideas? There will be 3 long tables for the buffet, and a few round tables for the teachers to sit at. I would really appreciate some input! My email is thank you!! Love your blog 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! If you want to do something simple yet beautiful I always say add some fresh flowers. The round vases seen above were from the dollar store. These flowers were professionally done but Costco has great flowers at a good price too!

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