Pajama Glam Dance Party Recap

I used to consider myself a perfectionist. I wanted to look perfect, sound perfect, do things perfectly and throw the “perfect” parties. I was EXTREMELY hard on myself and I played the comparison game ALL THE TIME. Often times I chose to feel like I wasn’t enough which was depressing because as most of you know, perfection isn’t always attainable and it’s most definitely an emotional roller coaster of a life goal. Thanks to my self-improvement work with my therapist, I’m realizing that I don’t really want to be perfect, but genuinely loved and accepted for who I am. Which is this silly girl right here… but more on this later.If you’ve been following my Ladies Dance Party journey, or maybe you’ve come to one (Thank You!), I just hosted my third and by far the best dance party I’ve ever thrown. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was my best one by far.I’m the type of person that has ALWAYS loved being happy, over-the-top, VERY silly, I’ve always made friends easily and felt that there was always room for everyone. But somewhere along the way people told me that it wasn’t okay to me myself, I wasn’t allowed to be genuine and I shouldn’t do what made me happy. And here’s the sad part… I believed them! I believed this blatant lie for years and the more I tried to do my thing, the more opinions I heard about it. But you know what? The amazing friends I have and my husband (my rock), the people who know me have NEVER put me or my insane ideas down. They’ve been by my side, pulled up their bootstraps and been my foundation for helping me make them happen! Fight hard for your dreams and do whatever it takes to keep good friends and your support system close by! Because when it gets hard, and it will get very, VERY hard, you’ll be prepared to handle it.My number one goal with my dance parties has always been to create a safe environment for women to come together and feel happy, even for just 3 short hours. I wanted to create a safe place to feel completely care-free, to just let loose and dance. Whether you come with ten girlfriends or by yourself, I want to create a space of connection and friendship where EVERYONE feels welcome. This welcoming party culture really comes down to my amazing and inclusive party guests who open up their hearts and dance circles to everyone.Pajama Glam Experiences

For this event, I wanted to create the ultimate pajama party where all of the things that you think about, but never really do at pajama parties actually happened. We had a queen sized bed for jumping on and having pillow fights. My adorable “I don’t horse around” pajamas and slippers for the first 100 guests were sponsored by Lazy Ones Inc.Lipsense gave each guest gorgeous long lasting lips and did I mention, I LOVE the stuff!?!Glamour Gels gave FREE Gel Manicures to the first 75 guests.
Eye masks, glow rings and slumber party swag was sponsored by the Beautiful girls from Salon.Beleza.
The Selfie Scene custom photo booth was BIG hit and everyone loved taking their picture with their green screen and themed backgrounds.We had crowd surfing…Pillow fights and jumping on the bed…Nothing Bundt Cakes in Lehi spoiled us with beautiful and tasty birthday cake for my bestie Melanie.So much toilet papering… Dancing…and my favorite part of the night, the lip sync battles!The glorious lip sync battles were a result of the #PajamaGlamLipSync contest I hosted on my Instagram. We watched all of the submission videos and chose the best ones to perform at the party! I thought the videos were good but the actual battle was AMAZING! Here’s a peek of what went down.HelloWhimzy rocked hard with a full dance troop to back her up, she ended with a TON of confetti! It was epic in every way, watch her here!Mandy and Anne had a choreographed routine, complete with a costume change and more confetti cannons. their timing was spot on and had everyone smiling! Watch her video hereBrandaCoop, who stole the show did an over-the-top lip sync and dance routine to 24K Magic. The whole group looked like they jumped out of the music video, they too had confetti cannons and even threw out money (game changer!)! It was insane, PLEASE check her video out hereNow that the party is over I can reveal that the WHOLE reason I even did a lip sync battle is because I really wanted to reenact the famous lip sync battle that Melissa McCarthy did on the Jimmy Falon Show, Colors Of The Wind.
I had all of the details including goggles, leaves, petals, confetti, streamers, tinsel, wind, straight up trash, a heron, otter, and wolf plushes and it was SO epic! Shout out to my amazing friends and husband who handled all of the props and helped me nail it.And a HUGE thank you to all of our food and swag sponsors who shared so many yummy’s with all of us!

Perk Energy served their “Christmas in a cup” warm chai beverage and kept us hydrated all night long with delicious fruit infused water.RXBAR sent yummy clean protein bars for everyone to enjoy, we just love them!Aubergine & Co served acai bowls and their homemade hummus (it’s the best hummus out there), so good!Trendous generously sponsored face masks ($15 value) for each swag bag. They are so luxurious and make your skin glow and reduce signs of aging!Kodiak Cakes also sent everyone home with a mini box of their flapjack waffle mix which is a pantry staple at our house.As always these parties would not be seen without the help of my amazing sponsors, as well as my photographer Diana Putnam and videographer George Wright.

And to my AMAZING DJ Corey! You had the coolest PJs and kept us going strong!

Thank you so much for your love and support ladies! I hope you’ll join me at another dance party real soon! Keep an eye out for my next dance party COMING UP in April 2017!

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