5 Tips For Decorating Your Tech Center

The kitchen desk, command or tech center, whatever you call it they can be a beast to decorate. If yours isn’t enclosed (most aren’t) and is open to other rooms you’ll definitely want to take notes on my 5 best tips to decorating one.

Just look at the lifeless before picture above.  By adding a spunky gallery wall with lots of different shapes, colors and sizes can take any space from boring to my new selfie taking spot!
Tip 1: Make It More Functional
One way to jazz up a tech center, and give it more functionality, is to switch out your basic outlet for one with built-in USB charger. I found this one at Home Depot and it has basically changed my life (especially since so many electronics only come with the USB cord) and I love that I’m still able to use the other outlets at the same time.

Tip 2: Add Variety With a Gallery Wall
Depending on how big the wall is you could hang a few frames or an entire gallery wall. For my tech center, I went with a smaller gallery wall. I used different sized frames, complimentary colors, a mail sorting basket, a large wooden letter, a small shelf and an empty frame to make this wall feel like me. One tip for arranging a gallery wall, is to do it on the floor first, when you like how things are looking hang them in that pattern on the wall.
Tip 3: Add Hardware To The Cabinets

I believe that its an absolute must to add hardware to cabinet doors and drawers. Hardware can be a really inexpensive way to add value and it makes the space look finished. Especially if you have white cabinets, it will keep them looking clean longer. I already knew I wanted to incorporate gold tones into my color scheme, so I added brass knobs. It was an easy way to tie in golden tones in with my other decor without it feeling so matchy-matchy. 

Tip 4: Go With Complimentary Colors

As I mentioned before, I used a complimentary (coral, teal, navy blue and gold) color scheme to complete the gallery wall art. I used navy stripes in one of the frames to match the accent wall, by having the stripes go the other direction. I painted the little photo mat coral and used the same paint on a wooden “C” to connect those two pieces, I used navy blue tones in different frames, printed my own art, etc.

Tip 5: Don’t Break Your Computer 

The last tip is the biggest one of all. So, funny story… In an attempt to make the space more open and less cluttered for photos I decided to move my enormous black printer that goes in the corner (I only moved it for the photos!) After unplugging it from the wall, I carefully grabbed it and turned to put it on the kitchen table. Without realizing it, a USB cord was still connected to my computer… I’m sure you’re putting two-and-two together by now. Well, that blasted cord pulled the computer right to the edge, it flipped off the desk right onto the floor. It was the most horrifying feeling when I realized that I just broke my computer, and after we’d been through so much together.  Shards of glass were everywhere and I was pretty upset about it, I was crying sobbing. After many tears were shed, my husband helped me sweep up the glass shards and helped me order a replacement screen. He is always so mellow when this kind of thing happens, Does this happen often you ask? Why yes, yes it does. Like earlier this week I cracked my phone screen. Its like I always say: Go big or go home. 

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    1. This is not only wallpaper, its Devine wallpaper from Target (basically a large sticker) once you get the hang of it its really easy to apply. I also love that I can peel it away when I’m done, no commitment.

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