Bollywood Dance Party Recap

As far as dance parties go, this one has to be my favorite one to date. I know I say this EVERY TIME, but this last event was simply magical. The Bollywood Dance Party, held at the Sri Sri Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, if you’ve ever heard of or been to the Festival of Colors, you’ve probably seen this beautiful temple surrounded by tens of thousands throwing colored chalk into the air. I really wanted this party to feel like the guests were being transported to another place and I was so pleased to share a night of llamas, culture, henna, with traditional Indian dancing and cuisine as well. The guests were encouraged (but not required) to wear saree’s and bindi’s and to tour the temple grounds which included learning about the religious practices, the history and are of the temple, and seeing the beautiful animals that lived on the ranch. Can I just remind each one of you how grateful I am to have the BEST party guests in the entire world? You ladies ALWAYS go all out with me, you really do personify the love and goodness that exists in the world. You inspire me to keep living my dreams and to never give up. Next, I’d like to thank my DJ, DJ Live who not only kept us dancing ALL. NIGHT. LONG. But who did a beautiful job of playing Indian beats that made you feel like you might have actually been there.THE EXPERIENCES

The experiences for this evening were encouraging the guests to take ah-mazing pictures around the temple grounds (did you see our photo shoot with Diana Putnam Photography?) Click here to check it out... We had a full henna bar, with some of the fastest henna artists I’ve ever seen. They even had glitter and bindi’s to help get the party goers into the Bollywood spirit. The henna was absolutely stunning and I was so sad when mine started to fade… Check out my hands at the bottom of this post! My two favorite guys from The Selfie Scene were also there capturing everyone’s photo with some super fun special effects on their green screen. Let’s just say everyone got their photo with the llamas.
These cute girls from Lipsense were also there making sure everyone looked wonderful and had long lasting lips for the night. Check out my girl Heathers page HERE to learn more!The cute ladies from the New Balance Store at Union Park were there handing out New Balance Tees to every guest. This was probably my favorite “swag” item, as well as gift cards to their store. Make sure to check out there store to help p

romote the shop local initiative if you live here in Utah.My favorite local flower shop, Flowers on Main sponsored my favorite event of the night, the flower petal throw. A “color throw” is part of this type of a celebration in the Indian culture and I really wanted to do something like this at my event. With all of the beautiful dresses and saree’s, I didn’t want to throw anything messy so flower petals were the PERFECT “confetti”. It was colorful, fragrant and best of all it was biodegradable (no clean up for me). This picture really doesn’t do it justice, so make sure to check out the video from this event here:

This video makes me tear up every time I watch it… It’s THAT good!



We were so blessed to have the Krishna Temple serve and delight us with some authentic Indian foods like rice, samosas, lassi’s, etc. We also had fresh acai bowls from Vida Acai a fan favorite for sure!
We also had sweet treats from Jolly Llama frozen sorbet pops, the name was perfect and they are delicious!!! And my personal favorite morning beverage, Perk Energy was there serving their Perk chilled.  On such a hot day it totally hit the spot, it was FANTASTIC!This night was definitely one for the books and one of the only party themes I’d ever consider doing again… So please let me know if you’d like to attend this event again!We were also so blessed to learn how to dance from two Bollywood dance troops. I have fallen in love with this style of dance… The ladies and I LOVED every minute of it.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you again for supporting, loving and dancing with me!


Photography Credit: Diana Putnam Photography

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