Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party -Jade’s 5th Birthday Recap

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #samsungtargettech #CollectiveBiasParties are totally my thing, but I remember a time when they used to give me MAJOR anxiety and stress. There was always so much to do, so much to remember and too many places I had taken notes, I was a disorganized hot mess.

Now, I’m a professional event planner (I host women’s only dance parties for 200+ ladies here in Utah) and with my next event coming up, the Unicorn Dance Party on September 27th and there is A LOT of organizing to do. For these large events, I have to coordinate the venue, event workers, a DJ, stage rentals, attendees/tickets, food, event agenda and decor to name a few. But regardless of how big your event is, the organization piece is key. Going digital made the most sense because A. You’ll never lose your notes (thanks to the cloud) and B. I have to share my plans and notes with my helpers to make things as easy to access and update as possible. There is still a lot to remember and do, but the stress levels are almost non-existent as I’m able to checklist my way through my event to-dos with organization and ease. Getting Organized

This past weekend, I was able to throw my daughter Jade’s fifth birthday party, and it was one of the easiest family parties I’ve hosted yet. Thank you, Samsung Galaxy Note8 for keeping me organized and high-tech. And with my next ladies dance party theme being “unicorns”, I thought I’d double down by having her party theme match (besides, I could reuse some of the unicorn decor for the dance party #winning). Let me share all of the party details to share my best practices for this Unicorn inspired bash.

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is one of the coolest phones on the market now, if not THE coolest. It has taken my event game to the next level as I’ve been able to get organized & multi-task to increase productivity. When I say “multi-task” I’m referring to features like the split screen that allows me to launch two apps at once and view them on the same screen simultaneously. It’s fast, has more memory and has shortcuts to do anything and everything faster and more efficiently. Make sure to grab my PDF checklist HERE.The Setup

The key to successfully set up a beautiful tablescape with minimal time is all about preparation and organization. I loved using the stylus so much! As a former paper and pen kind of girl, the stylus helped me to literally “check” things off my list. The seating area for this party was set up in 15 minutes total. Yes, you read that right, 15 minutes! The magic of being organized allows you to set out all of the things you need in advance to have a seamless event every time. This gorgeous spread was made up of three desktops that we attached our own legs, made out of 4 x 4 blocks of wood. We lined up the white desktop tables at a slight angle to allow space for walking. We surrounded the tables with light pink striped rugs, you may have seen these used a time before 🙂We topped the rugs with hot pink pillows, black and white striped pillows, and a striped umbrella to tie everything together. Just toss them around randomly it makes it look more inviting.  We then set out the pre-decorated flower arrangements. I added purple and pink flowers then topped them with a glittery “5”.Hot pink cloth napkins, salad plates (the perfect size for kiddos) and a plastic fork and knife angled on each plate added a place for each child.Next, we set up these darling light up unicorn head marquee lights in between the flower arrangements.Finish the look with pink and purple candles.Set out your party favors and you’re ready to party! This whole look came together so beautifully and it really had that “wow” factor for the aesthetic of the party.The final touch was the unicorn headbands favors for each of the guests. Once things are set out how you like, don’t forget to take some pictures of everything with your Samsung Galaxy Note8 camera. The images look crystal clear and the lighting and zoom features work better than some cameras I’ve used.The Menu

This setup for this event also included a food area in the kitchen that had a six-layer unicorn cake, cupcakes, rainbow fruit kebabs, dipped strawberry wafers, drinks, and popcorn. Allow me to share with you the details of each item.Strawberry wafers dipped in almond bark and coded in rainbow sprinkles. Rainbow fruit kebabs. We layered strawberries, tangerine slices, pineapple, green grapes, two blueberries and a red and grape to add a healthier rainbow element.Unicorn popcorn. Made with microwave popcorn, drizzled with pink and blue colored almond bark, topped with mini marshmallows and star sprinkles. We also served fruit juice and pizza (not pictured).Activities

The two main party activities included a face painter (if you want your party guests to be mesmerized, get one!) who painted gorgeous unicorns on everyone’s face, and the unicorn relay race course.Unicorn Relay Race

By using sporting equipment like cones (I sprayed the cones with spray paint), baseballs, flying disks, kick balls, rainbow-colored buckets, a pink baseball bat and hula hoops we were able to create the relay races, which were a HUGE hit. Events included weaving through the pastel color cones, jumping through the hula hoops, then tossing baseballs and disks over the larger cone and into the buckets. Was a fun way to keep the kids entertained and burn up some of the sugar energy by having them run around and go through the different obstacles. You can also switch up the course as many times as you want to keep it fresh and exciting.
At the end of the party I think we all enjoyed ourselfs and the birthday girl had a great time! Which is what matters the very most!

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