Unicorn Magic Dance Party Recap

I will be the first to admit that I was never really a “unicorn person”, which is most shocking, as I am a baby of the 80s and was raised during the very popular Lisa Frank era in the 90s. But after the crazy 2017 summer, with physical injuries and some very real health problems, I was feeling down and needed something to believe in… even if that something was believing in myself. The unicorn theme and the “belief” theme from the #UnicornMagicDanceParty were just what I needed to reset get back to doing what I love. The timing was right and it seemed meant to be, and the more I saw unicorn everything popping up, the more it felt like the universe pushing me to do this party.

The Decor

This event was inspired by unicorns and all things pastel, so I wanted everything to feel light and very girly. The best part of the party decorations, in my opinion, would have to be the burst of pastel rainbow behind the DJ. It’s hard to tell here, but that is about 30 feet of each color sweeping back towards the DJ. It was a really cool effect that was eye-catching right when you walked in the door.

The cocktail tables had a pink tablecloth, silver sequins runner, pink flower arrangements and a light up unicorn head on each.The Glow Awards

As I mentioned earlier, this year I struggled with quite a few health problems one of the most intense being an emergency appendectomy. Now if you didn’t know, I am the type of person who NEVER needs help, like ever. I don’t know why (it’s totally my pride), but I feel embarrassed and like a project when help is offered to me. I’m strong. I can do it by myself (I sound just like my five-year-old). But if you asked me to help and I was lying nearly-dead, on the side the road, in the gutter, I would most likely decline any help, which is ridiculous. It was a very humbling experience to come home from the hospital to hot meals every day, flowers, blankets, cards of encouragement and other gifts that just “showed up” and I have never felt so loved before. I decided to pass on these feelings of love through the brand new housewife to hostess glow awards. Where party attendees could nominate a woman who they know and love to maybe deserves a little extra recognition, love, encouragement or believe and everyone attending the party could support I love on her collectively. It was an out of this world experience as we called up the names of three very deserving women, and without sharing any details about what they were going through just shower them with love and gifts.

So as you can imagine, it was a very humbling experience to come home from the hospital to hot meals every day, flowers, blankets, cards of encouragement and other gifts that just “showed up” just because, I have never felt so loved before. I decided to pass these feelings of love on through the brand new tradition I’m calling the Housewife2Hostess Glow Awards. Three weeks before the party, I asked my party attendees to nominate a woman whom they know and love, who deserves a little extra recognition, love, encouragement or just belief, to win and be recognized at my parties. The women selected, would win a gift basket and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers (Thank you Flowers on Main) and everyone attending the party could support I love on these women collectively. It was an out-of-this-world experience as I was able to read about these amazing women and honor just three of them. I called up the names of three very deserving women, and without sharing any details about what they were going through, the entire audience cheered and just showered them with love.

It was hard to maintain composure, and I was crying like a baby. But I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with emotions and just felt so connected to these women who I didn’t even know, as some of my best friends handed them flowers and gifts. It was magical and everyone felt it.

I’m excited to announce that this will be a new tradition that will take place at every dance party moving forward! So if you’re reading this and you know a VERY deserving woman who needs some extra love and recognition at my next dance party, please email me at: Housewife2Hostess@gmail.com with your nomination and reasons why.

The Lip Synch Battles

I’ve found that the parties are best started with a little entertainment, so I decided to have a fun lip-synch battle at the unicorn party. These were some of the most fun lip-synchs I’ve ever seen, they were the perfect way to get the party going, and these ladies were amazing in every way imaginable!

Let’s see, we had Lionel Richie sining “All Night Long”

A killer dance number to the song “Yeah” by Usher.And N’Sync’s “I want you Back” from the lipsence team!

Of course I sang for the battle, but we did the feel-good favorite “True Colors” by Justin Timberlake (From the Trolls movie).But my favorite part of the night was definitely when the DJ pulled the old switcheroo by swapping out his tacky plastic unicorn head (while trurning out all of the lights) for… this absolutely stunning geometric light-up unicorn head, made by hand by my amazing husband Nick! Saying it was epic would be an understatement.It was insane! Like girls screaming for a childhood celebrity crush or something! I guess my DJ is basically celebrity status now.I have the most genuine party guests who are there to love, be loved, get pampered and have pure fun. We danced the night away and enjoyed refreshments from:

Just Organic Juice serving their organic juice shots.

Fresh lemonade from CoreLife Eatery.

The Protein Foundry served their DELICIOUS Acai bowls.

And the infamous churro cart from my friends at San Diablo Churros was one of the guest’s favorites!

The Photos, Dancing, and Experiences

Guests were able to enjoy beauty experiences, having their photos taken at the different various photo booths and enjoy refreshments from our wonderful sponsors.

The beautiful ladies form Avahlee Medspa gave each guest a $100 gift card to use at their new location! They offer CoolSculpting, Laser Hair Removal, Permanent Cosmetics, Injectables, and much more!

The ladies from PMD Beauty helped all of the unicorn guests get their lip plump on with their PMD Kiss system. This little beauty has become a personal favorite of mine! It’s the perfect way to get a little plump that lasts 6-10 hours for a night out on the town or just when you’re wanting to feel a little bit pouty in the lip department.The pampering and beauty experience included my favorite girls from Lipsense! They were masterful at giving everyone the perfect shades of unicorn pink and long-lasting (12+ hours non-smudge) lipstick, and with the lip plumping it was a match made in heaven. They are one of my favorites and this was their FIFTH party with me!


The photo ops from the SelfieScene are ALWAYS a huge hit. Make Sure to check out all of the images taken (and find yours) from the Selfie Scene HERE.

I’m always grateful for my helpers who take tickets, help make these events safe and run the fun experiences like toilet paper guns! (from left to right) My husband Nick, Dallas and Jeff.

This event was held at the Lodge at Traverse in Lehi Utah, one of my favorite venues because of the layout and all of the fun things we are able to pull off there… Like shooting off toilet paper guns and confetti cannons!Thank you ladies for coming, for ALWAYS going all out with your dancing, costumes and love for everyone else.

Get ready, mark your calendars my next event is coming up on November 18th 2017!


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  1. Best night ever!!! You were an amazing hostess and unicorn! You made everyone of us feel special. You hosting parties so women can feel special and loved is something magical! Thank you for being you! You are truly one of a kind! Can’t wait for the next one party girl! ??????

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