The California Dreams Dance Party Recap

I just wrapped up all of the details for my last ladies-only dance party the #CaliforniaDreamsDanceParty and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always all fun and boogie down, there is a lot, lot, lot, lot of work that goes into events. For each event I’ve thrown, it can only be compared to one thing: delivering a baby. At some point, every event leads to blood, sweat, and tears, all the while wondering if it’ll look cute when it comes out. It “coming together” really looks like a ton of work behind the scenes, the help of AMAZING sponsors and 200+ of the world’s best party guests who make it all possible. So right here, at the beginning of my post, I want to give a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone involved!  Thank you for buying a ticket, supporting multiple events, for posting, sharing and loving these parties, to LunchboxWax in Utah, Salon Beleza, San Diablo Churros, Around Eatery, Flowers on Main, CoreLife Eatery, Jolly Llama, Pink Beehive Cotton Candy, my DJ: DJ Live, to all of my helpers, friends and my number one fan; my husband, Thank You!!!

This event was one of my favorites events EVER! The magic that Katy Perry created to brand her Candyland inspired “California Gurls” album was so much fun to recreate. And as usual, the guests and their costumes never disappoint. There were so many iconic Katy Perry’s there, that in my opinion, looked as good (or better) than KP herself!

My costumes for these parties take a village. My bestie Meagan and I hand glued all of those candy ornaments and each rainbow sequin onto that corset! I couldn’t even put my costumes on without some serious help and elbow grease! I hope each of you ladies has as much fun getting ready for these parties as I do! I think it’s one of the best parts about them.Living a Teenage Dream

You know you have some pretty amazing friends when they’re willing to dress up like a Katy Perry and dance on stage for hundreds party guests, just because you asked them. And each of these girls brought the HEAT!
My girl Veggie Lisa brought down the house with some High Fitness dance moves that had the crowd going wild! She rocked to “TGIF” and pulled off the perfect 80s Katy Perry look. She tied the look all together with her own original 80s jean jacket (with a sequins bird on the back!) from her wardrobe back in 6th grade!

My very own California girl, Melanie went wild with a dance routine to “Roar” and even wore a real flower crown (Also from Flowers on Main) and looked gorgeous!

The stunning Miss Stephanie rocked this futuristic look and dazzled us with a number to the song “E.T.” Man oh man, this girl can MOVE! I love watching her dance and she killed it! Notice the Shark-head DJ in the background 🙂

Of course I was the “California Gurls” Katy Perry, with candy from my head to my toes, literally. I did a passionate lip-synch to the song “Firework” that ended in a fog machine, my own personal ribbon dancers (dreams come true) and a whole lot of confetti cannons that went off all night long.

I think we looked pretty amazing, Katy we did you proud girl!

The Decorations

This Candyland dance party really came together with the help of Flowers on Main, in American Fork, Utah. Holly created fresh flower arrangements that looked sweet enough to eat, and everyone was admiring them the entire night!

The colorful costumes of the guests are what really tie these events together! It is so much fun to see it all through pictures after the fact!The Glow Awards

I had the privilege to honor three new women in the community

This year has been one of the most emotionally challenging that I can remember. But after opening up about my struggles privately and allowing the goodness and kindness of others in my life (normally, I decline any and all help), I started to heal, feel loved and valued for the first time in a long time. Because of my friends just showed up, loving on my it inspired me to open up my dance parties to a way for friends to honor women in the community and in their lives, and the the “Glow Awards” were created. A stage for women to feel loved and seen in a world that it’s so easy to be invisible, and where you can suffer silently for so long. This was the 2nd Glow Awards and it was even harder to choose three deserving women than the last time, but we managed to choose three and I hope they know that they are making a difference. Your friends see you, I see you and we love you!

The winners walked away with a big gift bag from our sponsors with over $250 in giftcards, swag and a ticket to see Katy Perry in concert with me! 

In hindsight we should’ve dressed up… We had a BLAST at the concert!

The Experiences

The gorgeous ladies from LunchboxWax  gave all of the guests GORGEOUS rainbow brows and they guests absolutely loved them! LunchboxWax ALSO generously gave each attendee a $20 gift card to use at any of their Utah locations! If you haven’t yet, make sure to stop my and use it before the end of the year, they expire on 12/31/17!

Salon Beleza

First of all, miss Melissa from Salon Beleza STOLE THE SHOW with her party hat bra, (I wish I’d thought of that!) and these Beleza Babes dazzled the guests with candy coated lips that were as cute as they were delicious.

If you want to re-create this look at home, its super easy. Add agave to your lips using a clean lip wand, then take a tablespoon of round rainbow sprinkles into your hand. Kiss the pile of sprinkles in your hand until lips are well coated, discard the remaining sprinkles and take a photo!

So cute! And don’t they look so fun with the bright brows!?

The Food

What is a party without some food to keep the energy going and  the food sponsors took SUCH great care of all of us.

San Diablo ChurrosI feel so lucky to have had San Diablo Churros come back for ANOTHER PARTY! There hand-made artisan churros are made fresh and filled with your choice of caramel, sweet cream and candy coated. They have easily become a fan favorite and they are hands down the best churros I’ve ever had!

Around EateryAround Eatery knocked the ball out of the park with their menu. They served us tomato bisque, butternut squash soup (perfect for a cold November night), homemade pita chips and hummus and rice crispy treats. Each of the guests were raving about how much they enjoyed the menu.

CoreLife EateryIt was a pleasure to welcome back CoreLife Eatery to serve their amazing lemonades at the water station. They are so wonderful and always do such an amazing job.

Beehive Cotton CandyIt wouldn’t be a proper candyland themed party without the cutest cotton candy shop around, and Pink Beehive Cotton Candy made some AH-MASZING cotton candy. She even served her organic peach cotton candy, it was really good.

Jolly LlamaJolly Llama was back for their THIRD time serving their Gluten Free, Non GMO, Dairy Free frozen pops. They are one of my favorite things that I’ve found this year and I always keep a few boxes in my freezer.

Party, Party, Party

Once the lights were dimmed DJ Live switched from the shark head to this this sweet geometric cat head. If you didn’t know, Katy Perry has/had? a purple cat side-kick “Kitty Purry” that she took around her “California Gurls” tour. So white with black lights equals purple… and there you go.

Thank you again for another wonderful year of events with me!

 Photos by Tabitha Park

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