DIY Fishtail Braid Headband and Hair Color Tutorial

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Ahhh, the sacrifices you’ll make for your children…

I had never used boxed hair color before. I didn’t start coloring my hair until I was about 24 years old and being a Master Esthetician (and working in salons and spas), I’ve always had access to stylists who could professionally color my hair… It’s just been recently over the past couple of years that I’ve started paying to have my hair cut and colored (at the same caliber of salons where I’ve worked) and it’s kind of expensive. Well, I think $250 is a lot of money for a cut and color… and just to clarify, I’ve ALWAYS been happy with the results, it’s just expensive.

So back to sacrificing for our kiddos… Miss Jade started attending private school this year and I really wanted her to go to all-day kindergarten, so I made a deal with my husband to cut back on my spending to offset the cost of her tuition. After evaluating what would make the most sense, I cut a few “extras” out of my personal spending habits, and coloring my hair every 6 weeks was one of the biggest ticket items that was adding up. Not-to-mention that the holidays are right around the corner too!

So there I was, with over half an inch of regrowth, and I decided to color my own hair with (gasp), boxed Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color (that I picked up from Walmart while I was shopping for groceries).

I mean, worst case scenario, I could always go running back to my stylist and beg her to help me fix it, right!? Well, I’m just going to spoil the whole story right now by telling you that I am in complete disbelief and amazement because:

A. It was way easy to do all by myself!


B. My hair looks so shiny and feels AMAZING!

Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color is amazing for a few reasons: It’s made with K-BOND PLEX™ a salon inspired anti-breakage technology that repairs the inner hair structure for strong and healthy looking hair (less breakage). Umm, professional quality color at home for less than $10!?! Yes please!

Just look at these before and after photos side-by-side…

Look at how shiny and even my hair color is from root to tips!

Now that you know how gorgeous my hair turned out, let me show you how I did it…

Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color Tutorial (Using Light Golden Brown – 6.5)

Step 1

Glove your hands and work the Pre-Treatment (1) to the dry ends of your hair. This will give you a more even color result.

Step 2

Combine tube 2a into the bottle 2b and shake well until fully mixed.

Step 3

For long hair, separate your hair into four equal sections. Split down the middle then split again on each side. Clip up into three buns as you’ll leave one section down that you’ll start coloring.

Step 4

Evenly apply color to each section using the squeeze bottle and a color brush to ensure the application is even.

Step 5

Once the roots are all covered. Pull the color through your ends and massage until evenly distributed.

Step 6

Allow 30 minutes to process and wash and dry using the conditioning treatment (3).

Step 7

Dry and style as desired. Isn’t that color just so rich and gorgeous!? I am loving the feel and smell of my hair! In the end, this feels like less of a “sacrifice” and more like winning at life (or at least winning at hair!).

And now for the fishtail braided headband tutorial. This is what I’m planning to use for easy updos and holiday hair this Christmas!

DIY Fishtail Braided Headband Tutorial 

What You’ll Need:

  • Three equal sections of human hair extentions
  • 1 box of Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color
  • A color brush
  • A long piece of tin foil
  • Black elastic 1/4 inch thick
  • Scissors 
  • A needle and thread

Step 1

Using the left over color, lay out the tin foil and brush the extensions with color until evenly coated. Process for 30 minutes, rinse and dry.

Step 2

Use a rubber band to secure one end and start braiding. Split the hair into two sections and take a  small amount from the outer edges and cross over to braid.

Keep the two sides separate, crossing the hair over to each side evenly.

“Fluff” the braid by pulling it out to the sides and making it looked more relaxed as you go.


Step 3

Secure the bottom of the braid with a plastic hair tie and attach a small piece of black elastic around the hair tie, stitch into place with a needle and black thread. Trim the remaining hair and attach another piece of elastic to the other end. Measure the length of the braid around your head and hand sew a piece of elastic in between the two ends to join them together.

This fishtail braided headband will be so great to use for holiday updos and pretty hair on the go!

You can find your perfect shade of   Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color the next time you head over to Walmart. Look for it in the beauty/hair color section!


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