Best Friend Gift Ideas with Jurassic World

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Who Says Dinosaurs are Only for Boys!?

Last month my clever girl, Jade came home from school singing a song all about the dinosaurs. “D-I-N-O-S-A-U-R spells dinosaur, the Br-onto-saur-us, the Ty-rann-o-saurus Rex… something, something… hear them ROAR!” I promise it was WAY cuter than I making it sound here #PregnancyBrain. It’s safe to say she loves learning about and playing with dinosaurs, and giving them kisses apparently…

So it was no surprise to me when we went Christmas shopping for her best friend Logan, that she wanted to pick out dinosaurs from the new Jurassic World Collection found at Walmart.

Jade and Logan have been best friends basically since birth. Our families met a year before either of us had kids, when Melanie and her husband (also named Nick) moved in next door. We quickly hit it off and eight years later, after many dinner parties, game nights, and even taking vacations together, our kiddos are like siblings.

Sadly, Logan and his family will be moving away to California next month and we’re all a little devastated. I know we’ll still see each other, but the gaps in between will be longer for sure.

The Season of Giving

December is the busiest month for us (and for 99.9% of you I’m sure) and we usually have our Christmas gift exchange early, plus we were WAY too excited to wait! I decided to have a little fun and take some creative license on the whole “best friend” gift idea by making the kids matching customized Jurassic World “gift bundles”. They each got Jurassic World shirts, bath bombs, cars, and a plethora of very realistic dinosaurs from the exclusive “Battle Damage” collection. And I love that they can use the toys to also remember each other. They had the best time comparing what they got, sporting their matching Jurassic World shirts, and of course playing with all of the very cool toys.

We’ve only recently gotten to a stage where my Jade is happy to shop for and see someone else open up presents. Which is so much fun to see. The real joy of the holiday season is giving thoughtfully to others, so this was a proud momma moment.

Aren’t they so cute!? The imaginative play is so fun to watch! This is one of my favorite stages for sure.

I’m just waiting on my “Thanks for being the BEST mom ever card”, I’m sure it’s in the mail :).

If you have dinosaur lovers or anyone who LOVES Jurassic World on your Holiday shopping list, check out my Jurassic World – Holiday Gift Guide – and make sure to head over to your local Walmart, or shop online (in your jammies, from your bed) and order them with 2-day shipping.

Who do you have left on you holiday shopping list?

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