Gorgeous White Shed DIY with HomeRight

If you didn’t already know, we are pretty OBSESSED with projects around here, and honestly it’s all thanks to my handy hubby [Nick] who encourages me to take on projects and get my hands dirty learning from him. And one of the biggest projects that he decided to take on this year was building and painting our newest addition… this gorgeous white shed. We were lucky enough to partner with HomeRight again and to use their fabulous painting tools (like this Finish Max Super!!) which made this project so much easier and much faster than hand painting alone would have been. I am just over-the-moon with how it turned out, so let me show you how this project came to be.

But before we dive into the transformation of this space, and the best tools needed to complete this type of project, let me take you back to what it looked like before… in the beginning if you will. We had a concrete pad with a plastic 6 X 8 garden shed on it… You can actually check out the HomeRight concrete staining tutorial HERE.

Our backyard has truly come a LOOOOONG way and it’s been so fun to document the full transformation on my blog and to have been lucky enough to partner with amazing companies like HomeRight to get all of our projects done right. And as I’m posting this, I realize I don’t have a good updated photo of the backyard now… I need to get caught up! But I digress….

Before the beautiful (Joanna Gaines inspired) masterpiece of a shed came to be, it was a cement pad that measured 12 X 15 feet. The whole project, all the plans and the labor were all done by Nick. It’s kind of insane to watch him build things like this, literally all by himself… #IdahoBoys

First, he dug the trench to run electricity up to the shed, then he started framing it…

He added doors and windows, he finally covered it with siding and we were able to paint it.

Now, I looked around and compared prices for outdoor paint and I finally decided to go with the generic “barn and shed” outdoor paint that I found at Walmart… I have found that if you have good tools it will look professionally done, regaurdless of the brand of paint. For this project we used a combination of two tools, the HomeRight Finish Max Super

And the Paintstick EZ-Twist.

The reason we like the Paintstick EZ-Twist so much is because it takes all of the hassle of normal paint rolling. By using the suction tool directly from the paint can, you can fill the paint stick with paint and roll for quite some time before needing to go back and re-fill.

We used this tool to paint the upper parts of the shed and the eaves that were too tall to spray as well as the narrow parts behind the fence, as we didn’t want to have any paint spray back onto the fence.the HomeRight Finish Max Super…the HomeRight Finish Max Super

the HomeRight Finish Max Super

The Finish Max Super sprayer was a dream and made painting those “tricky spots” a breeze, not to mention a very quick addition of the second coat of paint.

This shed has turned out to be one of my FAVORITE additions to our backyard. It is just a gorgeous and functional space and has freed up so much space in the garage… just give me a couple months and a few more dance parties… I’m sure we will get it filled back up in no time. We finished the look with some black hardware and Ta-Da!

We are SO happy with how this project turned out and I can’t wait to tackle our next project!



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