Sterling’s Blessing Day // Best Charcuterie Board Ever

We blessed Mr. Sterling on Sunday, and we felt so blessed to be surrounded by so many loving friends and family members. Normally, we’d bless the baby at church (like we did with Jade) and then scramble to get home and set everything up while so many people are walking in all at the same time. but because we had so many coming from out of town that day, and 9 AM church, we decided to just do it all at our home at a better time for everyone.

Nick gave a beautiful blessing and Sterling was as a little angel the entire time, he didn’t even make one peep. The nice part about having a blessing at home, is that immediately afterwards we were able to just grab plates and start eating, without having to worry about going back home and having to set up anything.

You may be thinking, “What do you possibly serve a company of 42 people in your home?” I know I was as the RSVP list came in…

Well, a bountiful, colorful charcuterie board of course! Oh man, this charcuterie board is literally what my dreams are made of! It had loaves of bread, fruits, veggies, nuts, dried fruits, crackers, cheese, chips and a variety of dips and this spread wasn’t only easy to set up, it was the best for serving so many guests who’d be eating on their lap, due to the lack of table space.

The boards were made from three large bamboo cutting boards I found at IKEA, that I sandwiched together to make it look like one giant board.

I tried to create different “sections” one for the crackers and cheese, the veggies and dips, then the fruit and breads to help with the esthetic and the flow for guests, but the kids and adults both did great making meat and cheese sandwiches (on the back counter not featured) and coming back to graze as often as they pleased.

It’s also a great way to add lots of healthy foods, that might not make it on a normal lunch menu, like the nuts and dried fruit.

I also made all of the flower arrangements from pre-ordered flowers from Trader Joes. They looked lovely in the blue glass jars and felt elegant, but not too girly.

And I was loving the rustic look (and is WAY easier to decorate) of this naked cake. I made a white cake with a peaches and cream filling… which was devoured in a few minutes.

It was a wonderful day and all thanks to the friends and family who helped prep veggies, wash fruit, helped me set up and clean up. We truly are blessed to be surrounded by so much love.

As a favor for each guest, we gave them one of Sterling’s birth announcements that was sealed with a eucalyptus leaf and “S” wax seal.

And just one one of this little handsome boy.

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