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How Event Venues Are Working Through a Pandemic with Nik and Kyrstin from the Azalea

I work for a new event venue in Daybreak called The Azalea. Chelsey and I recently got to sit down and interview the owners of the venue, Nik and Krystin. They opened their doors in February of this year. Bookings were going great and almost every weekend was booked and then COVID 19 happened…  Events were quickly shut down and there was no end in sight of when events were going to be hosted again. Luckily, with CDC guidelines they were able to open up their doors again at the end of May. I was excited when I received the call from Kyrstin saying events were happening again. 

We actually recorded a podcast episode discussing what event venues and event planners are doing during a worldwide pandemic.

Nik and Kyrstin have had a passion for business for business dating back to high school. They went to different high schools but they were able to meet through a club called DECA which is perfect for all those business nerds out there. They bonded over business and it is a passion that they have had throughout their relationship and marriage. 

Nik’s sister was getting married and was having a hard time finding a venue for a decent price that they could bring in their own vendors. That’s when the light bulb went off and they knew what their next business venture was going to be.They saw a need in Salt Lake County for a venue that allows you to bring in your own vendors for catering, floral, linens, photographer and whatever else your heart may desire and that is exactly what they have accomplished. 

Working at The Azalea has been great and getting to see all the events that happen here is amazing. I love getting to see the creativity of each person that hosts an event here. There have been a wide range of caterers used, florists, photographers and the decor used. Nik and Kyrstin wanted a venue that allowed people to be more creative and that is exactly what I have seen since I have been working here. People are getting to have their dream weddings without being restricted to a certain cater, florist, DJ, and decor items.

If you live in Utah and haven’t checked out The Azalea for your next event, I suggest you run over there and check it out.

Learn more about The Azalea here:

This article is written by Paynton Matthews. She is a recent graduate from Utah Valley University where she minored in Event Planning.
Follow her at @PayntonJayy on Instagram to follow along with her journey in event planning.

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