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The Future of Events, After Coronavirus

Have you wondered what events post-coronavirus is going to look like? Are they going to be happening anytime soon? Is everyone going to be wearing masks? These are the questions that have been running through my mind constantly. This is a topic that Chelsey and I discussed in her recent podcast episode. 

We are event planners and so how could we not wait to get back to planning and hosting events. Ideas are running through our minds of potential event ideas and we aren’t sure when these are going to become a reality. This is a tough time for everyone but the event industry is definitely taking a hit.  

Chelsey and I did a little research on how events are going to look post-Coronavirus and we found some interesting information. Some of conditions to restart events are:

  • Social Distancing and protective equipment likes masks
  • Checking temperature
  • Isolating
  • Sanitation Stations

I think we have seen a lot of these conditions implemented in almost any place we go these days. Moving these conditions into events would be a good way to get events up and running again even though it may cause a need for more staffing to ensure sanitizing and people wearing masks is actually happening. We may not have full scale events happening for a little bit but at least we would be able to have smaller gatherings for weddings and other events. 

I think another aspect of the event industry that will see a big change post-Coronavirus is catering. Self serving buffets will be non-existent for the time being. Caters will need to have staffing there to plate the food for guests. Another option would be having all food pre-packaged before the event begins. Working at an event venue I have seen the change in catering. A lot of caters are the ones plating the food for guests or if they only have small treats they are already pre-packaged and set out for guests to take. 

There are going to be many changes to the event industry post-coronavirus but these changes are do-able. They may take more thought and attention to but as long as we can have events I am good with it. 

Check out the Event Manager Blog to find out where we learned about the new guidelines when it comes to events post-Coronavirus.

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Paynton Matthews | The Party Planner Academy
This article is written by Paynton Matthews. She is a recent graduate from Utah Valley University where she minored in Event Planning.
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