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Turning Your Passion into a Career with Morgan Heywood

How lucky are we that we can take something that we are passionate about and make it a career? The fact that we can take something we love (like event planning) and make money off it to live is something that amazes me. If working a 9-5 job isn’t something that excites you then find something you are passionate about and figure out a way to monopolize on it.

Chelsey recently had an interview with Morgan Heywood who is a student of hers in the Party Planner Academy. Morgan was one of the first student’s of Chelsey’s and she has been able to take the information she learned and turn it into a career. Morgan found a passion for event planning after she hosted a birthday party for her mom and sister in October of 2018. Her husband encouraged her to pursue her passion after he found a new job and they were financially stable enough to allow her to find her passion.Her husband supports her in pursuing her career in event planning and you can tell she has an eye for it, just check out her instagram and you will see!

Morgan hasn’t let COVID stop her from pursuing her passion in event planning and continuing to grow her business. Morgan has taken this time and has improved her social media engagements. She has pushed herself out of her comfort zone and done more live videos on Instagram and taking her followers a little behind the scenes of how she sets for events. She has set goals for herself to become more noticeable on social media. 

Not only has she set goals for herself on social media but she has hopes to one day to grow her business to where she could hire employees. The employees would help her set up for events and learn how she sets up and takes down events. She would potentially like to also start offering a “Party in a Box.” It would allow for her customers to receive a box full of decorations to create tablescapes like the ones Morgan creates for her clients. I am excited to see where Morgan goes in her career and I am excited that she has been able to create a career out of something that she is so passionate about.

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