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What to wear when you are managing or hosting an event is something that I have struggled with. If you haven’t listened to Chelsey’s podcast yet where we discuss this topic then you missed a story where I wore the wrong outfit and was definitely paying for it later. It is important to not only look professional during an event but you also need to be comfortable. During an event you may do anything from moving tables, working on audio, decorating the tables or greeting guests. Each of these tasks require you to be moving around and if you are wearing heels during these may cause you quite a bit of discomfort. Learning to match your attire to events is a special tool we all need to learn. 

Chesley and I also talked about the 6 different professional dress codes which are:

  • Business Casual
  • Business Formal
  • Cocktail Attire
  • Resort Formal
  • Black Tie

We break each of these dress codes down in the podcast so if you have questions on what each one is give the podcast a listen and it should clear up some questions you may have. 

It is important to match your attire to the event that you are hosting. You don’t want to be too overly dressed and then stick out at your event but you also don’t want to be underdressed either. If you are unsure of how you should dress, don’t be afraid to ask. Chelsey brought up that she usually has a different out for before the event and then after the event as well. She shares a funny story in the podcast about a time she forgot clothes for after the event. It sounds like such a simple thing but it is something that I have forgotten from time to time and you just feel gross during the event after you were just setting up and got all sweaty. There was some helpful information discussed in this episode that has helped me feel more comfortable dressing for events. 

Check out the article we used to define the different attire styles:

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Paynton Matthews | The Party Planner Academy
This article is written by Paynton Matthews. She is a recent graduate from Utah Valley University where she minored in Event Planning.
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