Disney World During A Pandemic

Going to Disney World During a Pandemic

So I took a “Minnie” vacation.

Ha! I really wanted to share my experience of going to Disney World During a pandemic… Spoiler alert! It wasn’t all churros and rainbows. I actually couldn’t find a churro anywhere!!! On the bright side, it was how we celebrated being married for 12 years and we went with our friends Erica and Matson.

Going into this trip I assumed the parks would be completely empty, with wait times ranging from 15 to 30 minutes, churros on every street corner, and endlessly being able to ride my favorite rides from dawn until dusk. With parks closing between 5-8PM, it was a shorter day.

While you can get in line for parking approximately one hour before the park opens, you do need to have a ticket as well as a day reservation to be able to get into the park. We made them in advance. Every time you enter the park they take your temperature and face masks are REQUIRED, like hardcore all the time. Yes, even on the rides, in Florida humidity and in 80/90° weather which made it pretty miserable for me personally… It was a pretty big dealbreaker for going back and having to wear a mask all day again…

Unfortunately during this time fast passes are completely suspended and you do have to wait in line for every ride. We did arrive early and ran to the rides we really wanted to do and pretty much walked on. I’d say plan to wait realistically 30 to 45 minutes for the bigger rides and 10 to 15 for the smaller rides. We did get stuck in line for over 30 minutes at Small World, and waited over two hours for Tower of Terror… So just be prepared as there’s a lot more sanitizing happening in between the rides and they can only accommodate enough riders while still social distancing.

Sadly most of the food and beverage carts are closed, and it was honestly hard to find churros in all of the parks. I could find maybe one or two places in each park which was unfortunate. So while we were able to get lots of Disney snacks, and specialty treats, there weren’t as much as there normally would be. Galaxies Edge does have the “blue milk”, it taste kind of like smarties. It was super refreshing to drink in the heat.

You are able to take off your mask, but only in a “relaxation station” where you can eat or sit… Other than that mask on, and there are lots of helpers reminding you to pull it back up over your nose and chin. However we did play sneaky sneaks and pulled them off for a few photos here and there, and we never got caught neither!

All in all, I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to go, and enjoy time with our friends. #disney

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