Halloween Pumpkin Charcuterie Board

Halloween Pumpkin Charcuterie Board

It’s that spooky time of year again and I’ve seen so many cute and “punny” Char-Boo-Terie Board ideas, I thought:

“Ya know what!? With all of the madness going on in the world I’d quite like a distraction”

So without further ado, the cutest Halloween Pumpkin Charcuterie Board you’ve ever seen…

The only “rules” for this spooky charcuterie board were that I wanted as much orange as possible. This came in the form of orange bell peppers, carrot sticks, candy corn, dried mangos, nacho cheese popcorn, mallow creme pumpkins, and m&ms.

The other ingredients included pistachios, pumpkin seeds, marshmallows, parmesan cheese whisps, pretzel chips and hummus.

Don’t forget about that eyeball I added in for good measure. And to freak out my 8-year-old. Yes. I now have an eight year old… I digress.

Halloween Pumpkin Charcuterie Board

There was also quite the internal struggle as I was photographing this board, whether the pumpkin in the middle should be orange or white… Ultimately I posted the white one on my Instagram, So… I mean. I guess that one won the popularity contest. 🙂

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