Christmas Card Pajama Photo Ideas

Christmas Card Photos 2020 | How to Get Better Looking Studio Photos

What a year, what a year 2020 has been! Am I right!?

Normally for the (past 12 years) I’m the type of person that would schedule nice family photos in the fall, then have our family Christmas cards sent out by the end of November… But 2020 taught me that you don’t always have to do things the traditional way, and sometimes it’s okay to just not do something.

Christmas Card Pajama Photo Ideas

So I present to you our Christmas Family photos (which did not get made into cards or sent out) for 2020:

I went with this cute “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus” theme I found on Pinterest, but something about it wasn’t “2020” enough… SO I decided to really spice things up.

So we decided to remake these photos wearing outfits from “A Christmas Story”. Since 2020 was about as big of a mess as that movie was. (???) I’m crying AND laughing about that fact.

And now three ways to get better studio photos:

  1. Choose a Background YOU Love

When we arrived at the studio to shoot these photos there were dozens of wrapped “presents” in mostly reds, green and bright teal blue. If you’re thinking that sounds like a lot of clashing colors you would be right, it was. Sometimes you’ll show up to take photos and you’ll realize that you’re not thrilled about the colors or background. Remember YOU’RE the one paying for the photos so feel free to move things around or ask for a different color background.

2. Wear Make-Up (yes even the guys!)

Use the photo and video secret of the stars and wear make up. EVEN on the guys and on any one 4 years old or older. It will help give everyone a perfect complexion and make it easier than the airbrushing and photoshop after the fact.

3. Have Fun With It

Don’t worry if things aren’t perfect. The whole point of family photos is to capture you and your family right now. plus, boring photos of everyone smiling perfectly rarely become the favorite.

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