I'm Chelsey Curtis

I’m a professional & celebrity event planner, the person behind Housewife2Hostess all women dance parties, and I’m here to help you overcome your fears and follow your dreams to become a professional event planner! It’s time for you to stop working for free and get paid for all the hard work you do. 


I’m a wife, a mother of two, and an entrepreneur.

I believe that there is a lot of pressure on us moms, which makes us feel like we have to choose between our families or our jobs. But the longer that I do this whole entrepreneur thing, the more I realize that life and motherhood isn’t about perfection. And you don’t have to be a one dimensional human being.

Which is why I created Housewife2Hostess as a way for women to build relationships and each other up through all women dance parties.

And since my dream is to help you, I’ve also created The Party Planner Academy so that you can become the talented event planner you’ve dreamt of being.

XO, Chelsey


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