Professional Event Planner Proposal Course

Tired of working events for FREE, but don't know how to start charging for your time and talents!?

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Is Getting Paid For My Event Talents Really Possible?

You may be wondering… Can I really start charging for my event planning skills?

This is the number one question new and aspiring event planners ask themselves. It can be frustrating getting gigs from friends and family who aren’t willing to pay you…

But how do you start getting paid? This may surprise you, but by being prepared with a game plan and strategy to write a professional event proposal is the difference between working for free and getting your next paying job. 

Learn the professional event proposal secrets and start earning money with your next professional event proposal! Steal my proven templates and duplicate the same process for your business ⏤ no matter what stage you’re at and never work for free again.

In this course, you’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS to video lessons, templates, action items, and systems from the exact formula I use to secure sponsorships with clients, work with national brands and sponsors. 

After taking this course, you’ll learn how to start making money with your event planning skills by the weekend! Imagine sending out professional proposals that will wow your clients and finally put a monetary value on your time and talents.


  • How to win over a customer so they hire YOU
  • How to blow your client’s mind so they keep coming back
  • How to price your services so you actually make a profit
  • How to present a proposal to a client
  • Already-Done-For-You Event Proposal Template (For the non-tech-y event planners)
  • And special BON– USES like ‘What You Need to Know About Event Insurance’

Get STARTED TODAY for only $249! Most people make their money back just on their first proposal. I’m telling you, girlfriend, this is a no-brainer investment in your future.

If you’re ready to transform your event planning hobby and make it your business, this course is for you.


This Course Made It Easy

I needed help setting pricing for my work and really struggled knowing where to go next with my existing business, especially online. This course made it easy for me to implement strategies that work (and I can learn on my own time). I loved having access to all of the templates, lists, action items, and lessons. It's worth every penny!
- Bethany J.

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What's Included In The Course?

In this course, you’ll get the step-by-step roadmap to getting paid for your event planning talents. Plus LIFETIME ACCESS to video lessons, templates, worksheets, action items, and systems from the exact formula I use to secure sponsorships with clients, work with national brands and sponsors. 

The lessons are easy to follow and put into action, which means that you can learn at your own pace.


  • How to overcome self-doubt and start getting paid for your talents
  • Proven Event Planning Proposal Templates
  • How to Price Your Event Planning Services
  • How To Host A Winning Discovery Call
  • How to Gain More Event Planning Experience
  • How To Win Even More Bids and Proposals

Because I care about you and your success I’m going to make this a no-brainer: if you’re not totally satisfied with your new proposal abilities you can request a full refund in 30 days.

So what the heck are you waiting for? Get STARTED TODAY for only $249.

If you’re not satisfied with this product for any reason simply email our support team within 30 days and get a full refund.