DIY JOY Marquee

I recently went to a Do-It-Herself workshop at the Home Depot where we “learned” how to make these marquee signs. I say “learned” because I didn’t get to do anything besides listen to an unenthusiastic employee apologize while she informed us that This is more of a demonstration than a workshop. What the!? Whatever, I’m not letting …

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Tissue Paper Tassels

  I am LOVING these tissue paper tassels, they are everywhere. But, instead of paying $10/each on Etsy, I invested $3 (total) and made my own. And what better occasion than the celebration of my daughter Jade’s second birthday!   To make these lovely tassels you’ll need: Colored Tissue Paper Self Healing Mat A Large Clear Ruler (can …

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DIY Burlap Ribbon

I hate working with burlap. Its messy, its itchy and it never seems to lay just right. Despite all of the cons of burlap, the cuteness of it has me mending our relationship and trying to work harmoniously with it at events (or at least appear to.) I recently learned how to cut it in such …

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