Maleficent Party

Sleeping Beauty was one of my favorite childhood Disney movies. The new grown-up addition, Maleficent, comes out May 30, with Angelina Jolie perfectly cast as the villainous lead. The theme song for the movie may be “Once Upon a Dream,” (have you heard Lana Del Ray sing it in the trailer? It sent shivers down my back!), but …

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Disneyland with a Baby

  Being a Southern California native myself (and being over 42″ tall) I’ve been able to enjoy everything at Disneyland. So, when I had the opportunity to go with a friend and our babies I was a little hesitant.  Okay, I was experiencing more than a LOT of hesitation. I was however, pleasantly surprised how much …

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Stroller Pass vs. Fast Pass

Confused about how Disneyland’s FastPass works? Wondering what a stroller pass is and how you use it? Do you really need the Disney Photo Pass when you’re bringing your own camera? I hope this short overview can answer these questions for you.  Stroller Pass.  A stroller pass allows parents of small children who do not meet …

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