30 Day Makeup Challenge

We all know those women that always look put together. Like their hair and makeup are always done, ALWAYS. Yeah, thats not me, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be that way which I’m fine with. What I do know is I feel 100% better about my appearance when I actually wear makeup, funny how that …

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Tarte Cosmetics

I’d bet most new moms could totally relate to this: It felt like a huge part of myself was lost when I started staying home with my daughter. Because I wasn’t going out into the world as often, I didn’t need to get “ready” as often. I started dressing more comfortably and getting lash extensions to save …

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Makeup Organization

I feel like makeup is just one of those things I can’t find the extra time to keep nice and tidy all the time. I go through phases from uber meticulous to the baby woke up covered in who-knows-what again and the clean makeup doesn’t stick.  Here is my solution (as of the last 8 months) and …

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